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Our bonus service: QXAS US Tracker

If you join the league of accounting firms that have benefitted greatly from our reliable, professional accounting solutions, you are on the right track because our assistance doesn’t just end here. We are committed to ensuring 100% transparency in the work we do for you.

Yes, that’s right!

Our tech team has created a mobile app to enable you to keep track of all your accounting and tax jobs in an easy-to-use mobile experience.

QXAS Inc mobile tracker for accounting people to track accounting and tax jobs

Download the QXAS Tracker app

QXAS Inc mobile tracker for accounting people to track accounting and tax jobs
Whether you are at work or home – use our mobile app to track outsourced jobs, and see what your team in India is working on.
Looking for a partnership model to reduce your time-consuming accounting work?

Three features of QXAS US tracker

Avail instant summary of current jobs and jobs on hold.
No more dependence on emails to get information on outsourced jobs.
Raise queries about jobs, search dashboard and filter jobs by job code, name and status.

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