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Multi State Tax

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Multi State Tax

As state and local needs for new revenue resources have grown nationwide, government authorities/entities have become increasingly aggressive in pursuing new taxation opportunities wherever possible.

The decline in state revenues and the increased audit activity by the states means both increased problems and opportunities. Hence, in a current scenario, for the companies and organizations which are operating in multi-state jurisdiction, its increasingly important to plan and manage every tax obligation which otherwise is complicated and costly process.

There are numerous opportunities in the SALT (State And Local Tax) world to save tax dollars through advance tax planning and risk mitigation. Many incentives and credits exist at the state and local level that are not available at the federal level, but businesses need to know how to find and identify these location-specific incentives and opportunities in order to take advantage of them.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever for businesses and non-profit organizations to partner with a knowledgeable Multi-state tax consulting firm, like QXAS who is capable of minimizing your organization’s tax obligations across multiple state and municipal borders.

QXAS offers a powerful arsenal of Multi-State Tax Compliance & Consulting which helps you to save time and money which can be invest in growing your business.

Scope of work
  • Nexus analysis for income/franchise tax and sales & use taxes
  • Analysis of state and local tax aspects related to the purchase and sale of businesses
  • Review of prior year state and local tax returns for potential refunds
  • Outsourcing of state and local tax compliance for businesses and family offices
  • Partnership, individual, trust and corporation multi-state and local tax compliance
What Will We Need?
  • Physical Movement During the Tax Year
  • State wise revenue detail
  • Investment Income from Multiple States
  • Property Owned in Multiple States
  • State wise Payroll detail
  • Lived in One State and Worked in Another State
  • Worked in Multiple States
  • Business Ownership information in Multiple States
  • Military Personnel Working a Non-Military Job Outside of Filing State
  • Business Registration and Procurement of Licenses
  • Various state Extension & Payment of estimated Tax
  • State Income Tax Compliance e.g. Return, Annual Report, Business Franchise Tax report
  • Nexus Analysis Report based on Payroll, Property & Sales numbers
  • State Departmental Notices Reply

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