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Your Guide to Outsourcing Accounting Services

Your Guide to Outsourcing Accounting Services

Posted by  on 13 September, 2019   5 minute read

Our decade of expirience in outsourcing industry tells us, accounting firms are often skeptical if they should be outsourcing it or not. How 

Here’s your mini-guide to process for outsourcing for accounting and bookkeeping services

If it’s your first time to outsourcing, you are yet to figure out the process of outsourcing and where to start from? It’s one of those times where you are realigning your business needs with outsourcing accounting services.

While you gear up for outsourcing here’s where you can begin with

  1. Identify your business need and where outsourcing fits

Go through the heaps of papers, your business workflow and layout all your process with your clients, from the first point of delivery. Make sure to establish the connection between your offshore and onshore team. This helps in streamlining the process and make smooth coordination between both the teams.

When you are outsourcing, it is essential to document everything- especially the process and workflow.

Outsourcing affects the entire team. More than you, it’s about your organization and what they enjoy doing or not. You can ask them what they would like to delegate and take the burden off by outsourcing that task.

Most businesses outsource because they don’t have people or process in place. In such a case, if you choose the right outsourcing parent, they can you help you build process and map your workflow.

    2.  Find the Right Outsourcing Partner 

Easier said than done. How do you know if you are choosing the right outsourcing partner? For starters, here’s your checklist for choosing accounting outsourcing partner. Finding right partner is a task. Outsourcing is not about giving your work to cheapest vendor, it’s about building an extended team who will take care of not-profitable task so you and your team can focus client acquisition and business profitability.

It is always preferable to have an outsourcing partner who has expertise in your industry. It is also important to see that the outsourcing partner is tech equipped, has a skilled workforce and is compliant. In that way, you don’t have to get involved in minute details and can focus on scaling your business.

   3.   Your work doesn't end but starts at outsourcing   

A lot of accounting firm thinks outsourcing means their job is done. They can sit back while the outsourcing team does all work. Well, it doesn’t work that way. You need someone to ‘manage’ the outsourcing team too. It is vital to organize training/ programmers where teams feel connected and can work better in coordination.

Post-Training Essentials:

  • Ensure regular huddles with your extended team using online tools,
  • Implement peer learning to support their career growth
  • Encourage the outsourcing partner to offer trainings, webinars and events to keep them updated with latest trends.

If you are still unclear, hear how this CPA firm benifted from outosurcing their accounting services