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Working the floor - get the most out of events in four ways

Working the floor - get the most out of events in four ways

Posted by  on 28 May, 2019   4 minute read

The event season is upon us, and we at QXAS can’t wait for we have an exciting couple of weeks lined up! Events offer an excellent platform for accountants and CPA firms to not only learn and get more certifications but also network with peers and meet with potential vendors.

Don’t you agree?

Such exhibits present an environment where you become aware of the happenings in the industry. As you walk around the aisles, you could find bookkeeping software you have never even heard of, meet with potential outsourcing partners, or see what your competitors are up to.

An event offers a fantastic hands-on experience, and as an accountant, there is nothing better than that. Now that many events across the USA are about to commence, here are five handy tips to follow to get the most of your visit - especially if you are looking to outsource.

1) Prioritize the exhibits

If you are attending an event, make sure you see as many booths as possible. However, that doesn’t mean you should check them all out.

If there is an event app you can download, do it; otherwise, grab a map first thing when you reach the venue and highlight the booths you want to visit. This exercise will help you pave your journey in an organized fashion.

QuickBooks Connect and XeroCon have apps that put the attendee in touch with the full conference agenda, exhibitor list, speaker profiles, and conference maps.

2) Identify the vendors that can help you

It is obvious not all vendors will be able to meet your requirements or conform to relevant regulations and standards - irrespective of what you seek. Therefore, don’t invest your time on such businesses; instead, tell them upfront what you are looking for.

For instance, if you are looking for an outsourcing partner, ask them questions about the company, the outsourcing process they follow, security and compliance they conform to, and more.

The next step can take place in detail at the cocktail reception or over emails – once the event is over and business cards have been exchanged.

3) Keep a set of questions ready

Aim to spend 10-15 minutes at every booth and invest half an hour in speaking to the accounting outsourcing service providers you feel are a good fit: To make the most of your time, here are a few questions you can ask:

a. What are the primary services they specialize in?
Fewer issues crop up when the focus of the outsourcing partner’s business is on offering services you do.

b. What does their pricing plan look like?
There’s no point in wasting time if they don't come in your budget. Therefore, ask straight up about the cost of their services.

c. How long have they been in the business?
That will give you an idea about their level of expertise and knowledge.

d. Can they give you customer references?
A reliable business will always be happy to connect you with satisfied clients. Speak to their customers and find out about the quality of their services.

e. Where’s their delivery centers located? Is it possible to make a visit?
Visiting the offices where the accounting jobs majorly get done is a must. If it isn’t possible, ask them to share links, photos or any other documents on the same to understand the company culture.

4) Collect business cards and other essential data

Even in this digital age, it is vital to collect collaterals such as visiting cards and brochures from the potential outsourcing partners you meet at the event. Keep the contact information organized so that you can easily remember and get back to the promising ones post-event.

Speaking of online presence, check out their website, and social media profiles to get a 360-degree view of their offerings.

Over to you

Attending or exhibiting an event isn’t cheap. Therefore, tap into its full potential. If your main aim is to speak to vendors and get help to scale your CPA firm, then follow the tips mentioned above to get exceptional results.

If you want to meet us, then we are happy to tell you we are attending a bunch of events on both the east and west coast. You can check out our schedule by clicking below.