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Why outsourcing accounting work to India is more popular than ever for CPAs

Why outsourcing accounting work to India is more popular than ever for CPAs

Posted by  on 19 March, 2019   3 minute read

As tax laws and regulations continue to change, new technologies continue to develop, and staffing woes continue to slow down a CPA firm’s growth, many accountants worry about not having enough time to cope up with it all.

However, outsourcing accounting work to India has come up as a popular solution to eliminate such issues. Here are five reasons why:

1) Get access to the skills you want

Outsourcing accounting work means you get access to a large talent pool for whatever period you like. The team of your outsourcing partner is trained to work on multiple tax software and has abundant knowledge about tax laws and legislation.

Moreover, you are free to release the outsourced accountants when the busy period is over, thus reducing the overhead expenses of your CPA firm manifold.

2) Get help even when your work is complicated

One of the benefits of outsourcing accounting work to India is that your extended team is well-trained to work for various businesses and tackle different scenarios - no matter how complicated they may be.

When the outsourced accountants work with you, they not only understand your requirements but also help you achieve a specialized reporting system along with more efficient workflows. Thanks to BPO accounting, you can easily take on more clients because of smooth operational processes.

3) Reduce hiring costs

CPAs who are into outsourcing accounting work to India can scale their teams as and when they please. They don’t have to resort to costly hiring that comes in the form of recruiting, training and retaining employees. If you carefully choose your outsourced accountants, you can eliminate this cost and save money.

4) Make time for your clients

In the end, everything boils down to how happy your clients are! A significant benefit of BPO accounting is that you can turn around work faster since you have the right tech and legislative support from your outsourcing partner.

This means more time for you to invest in offering a wholesome experience to your clients that includes periodic follow-ups, quick query resolutions, and efficient work delivery. What do you think?

An excellent way to tackle the 2019 tax season

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