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What you can do to keep your accounting team motivated during tax season

What you can do to keep your accounting team motivated during tax season

Posted by  on 19 February, 2016   5 minute read

Tax season is the busiest time of the year for many accountants who have the responsibility of accurately dealing with clients’ taxes. They not only have a huge influx of work but there are still many confusing tax laws that need to be carefully researched in order to file correctly and receive the best return possible for the client.

Managing your office during this time is a tricky task, with many employees working anywhere between 55 – 70 hours a week.  With these increased office hours stress is at its highest.  It is important to motivate your employees, reduce the risk of burn-out and, importantly, reduce the risk of losing them.

Here are a few ideas of how to keep your team motivated during the tax season:

  • Dress down days.
  • Massage therapists to provide chair massages.
  • In-house mani-peds (manicures and pedicures).
  • Catered dinners for employees working later into the evening.
  • Personalized coffee deliveries
  • Caricaturist to draw the employees
  • Video games with competitions
  • Daily challenges 
  • Ice-cream party

A good tip for this is to keep a lot of the activities in-house which eliminates travel time, will improve attendance for activities and will keep efficiency at its highest. Perhaps tie it in as a reward for a certain level of achievement to keep everyone motivated.

Remember when April 18th comes around do something a little special with some PTO, organize a golf outing, dinner out or an office party.