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Visibility is key for a new CPA in a small town

Visibility is key for a new CPA in a small town

Posted by  on 22 June, 2015   5 minute read

Small towns are generally close knit communities where you stick out like a sore thumb if you are not a local and haven’t lived there for generations. This makes it very difficult to sell yourself and your services as the store owners will most likely be set in their ways and have used the same CPA for generations. A major positive is that you may only need one breakthrough because word of mouth travels fast in these communities and good referrals is the way to grow. Keep in the back of your mind that bad news also travels fast which could destroy any progress you do make.

The key to succeeding in a small town is visibility and this comes in a multitude of options.

Open a store in town on a popular street that has the most foot traffic. Having a physical location rather than only being online will allow locals to see you and feel more comfortable in approaching you.

Community groups
It is important to become a recognized face in the town and then people will begin to talk about who you are and feel more comfortable around you. This can be at volunteering events, church events, and town hall talks.

Morning coffee and afternoon lunch spots
You will quickly become a regular if every morning you get the same coffee, from the same coffee shop at the same time. Locals will become comfortable around you, and the same goes for lunch.

Capitalize on your involvement
When you have started to become noticed and the locals have seen you around a lot you should share your expertise. Start up your own local group and share with them some tax tips every week that they can benefit from. This will build credibility and trust, hopefully leading to more members and eventually clients.