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Top reasons why every CPA should start blogging

Top reasons why every CPA should start blogging

Posted by  on 18 December, 2015   5 minute read

Business blogging has been around for a while and has taken the internet by storm. Growing number of CPAs and accounting professionals are marketing their organization and reaching potential clients with the help of blogging. With severe competition and hordes of accountants around, it is important for small and medium size accounting firms to make that marketing effort to be visible. In today’s digital world, blogging is one of the most interesting forms of marketing and to stay ahead of the game every CPA needs to make blogging a part of their social media plan.

Benefits of blogging Increase traffic to your website – Business blogging will lead to in-bound inquiry through organic search. When you blog regularly you generate traffic to your website leading to inquiries for your services. Also, search engines like Google and Yahoo promote educational content and anything that you blog which will help customers will have more search queries.

Social media presence – In the age of social media any prospect that visits your website is bound to click on your social media links. If you do not post regularly there is no doubt you will lose your potential clients to a competitor. Blogging regularly gives you something to share on social media platforms.

Establish your expertise – Blog posts do not require you to be a writer in that all that all you need to do is write about what you have expertise in. Think about a conversation you had with a client where you answered his query and share your story first-hand. There will be many others out there with the same query and this way, customers will know about your expertise and may then go on to become your clients in the future.

Gain new clients – Blogging has become one of the most important sources of information and influences a customer’s purchase decision. Customers read blogs to narrow down their options before making a choice. Blogging is a cost effective way to gain clients for small and medium businesses.

Blogging makes perfect sense to promote your services and create as much exposure as possible. If you still haven’t started, don’t ponder over it too much and start blogging now because every business wants more customers and you want your current clients to stay with you.