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Top 5 QXAS Inc. blogs of 2016

Top 5 QXAS Inc. blogs of 2016

Posted by  on 30 December, 2016   5 minute read

Can you believe it? We will be ringing in the New Year in just 2 days! Now if you are wondering where the entire whizzed by, then you are not all alone. Boy, what a year it was! 2016 was a productive year for us at QXAS Inc. We participated in numerous events throughout the year and moved in to our new office in Bloomfield!

We have also become quite active on social media. Don’t forget to give us a Follow on Twitter! According to website traffic, below are 5 most popular blogs on our website. Have a read:

#1 Communication during tax season If you run an accounting firm, you will agree your employees are your number one asset, especially during the tax season when you have an influx of work with a tight deadline. For this reason it is vitally important to ensure you are communicating appropriately and effectively. Learn a few tips on effectively communicating with your staff and clients.

#2 3 major accounting technology trends of 2016 From retrieving real-time analytics and performing advanced computations on-the-fly to remotely accessing data from varied devices, technology has indeed made tedious tasks easier. Accounting technology has made a positive difference and it held a lot of promise in 2016 as well.

#3 How to maximize your visibility through your LinkedIn account (Pt. 2)
In the past decade, having a LinkedIn profile has become an essential personal branding tool. If you are presenting yourself to the job market, it is crucial to maximise your marketability. But a LinkedIn profile is much more than just on online CV and for a CPA to promote their skills and experience, it is a good idea to have a LinkedIn profile.

#4 Why CPA firms should outsource bookkeeping services? It’s no wonder CPAs get exhausted given that they are swamped with simple tasks such as bookkeeping, payroll accounting and managing tax returns which are time consuming and not exactly lucrative. So what do you think should CPAs do to be able to manage everything efficiently? Outsource? Yes! Find out more.

#5 6 must-have skills for CPAs The profession of accounting is highly competitive. Not only this, it is taxing, highly demanding and well, let’s not even talk about the numerous risks involved. Since CPAs and EAs manage company or individual finances, the intensity of their responsibilities increases manifold. To succeed as an accountant or someone who is running an accounting firm, it is important to inculcate several must-have skills.

Lastly, here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!