Happy fourth of July to fellow CPAs and and accounting professionals
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Happy fourth of July to fellow CPAs and and accounting professionals

Happy fourth of July to fellow CPAs and accounting professionals

Posted by  on 04 July, 2020   2 minute read

I never thought we would be celebrating Fourth of July like this. We are dealing with a global pandemic that continues to grow in its aggression, having already claimed over half a million lives worldwide. While the consequent economic turmoil could have been explained, the sudden spike in social unrest is nothing less than a big shock at this time.

To what, Tom Hodd said in his post, let's admit we are all lucky to be part of a democracy that follows the concept of a free market economy. I echo his sentiments that all communities in America, whether it is the Wall Street or Main Street, is based on the trusted foundation of capitalism and time again CPAs have been nothing less than the "essential workers"

I mean imagine, who would have  ever thought that you will be celebrating 4th of July and worrying about Tax Season? So this Fourth of July- go easy on yourself. None of us were ready for this challenge, no one foresaw it, not even the great leaders. But you, took charge of the situation at a light speed. You probably also stepped in the shoes that were too big for you, too itchy and uncomfortable, but like a true hero you did best for the people who had faith in you.

With that said, as a CPA you have continuously evolved and innovated. You need to keep doing that. This is also a time to reflect on our priorities and be kind to each other. Like Harry S. Truman said "America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination".

You have stepped up as Advisors to your clients, dotting parents to your wonderful children, a loving partner and a caring son/daughter. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Freedom is not just about country it's also about breaking away from things that stops us from experimenting, taking on risks and changing.

This 4th of July, pledge to be free from all is stopping you from being happy and most importantly- free.


Harsh Shukla AVP  QXAS US Operations
AUTHOR Harsh Shukla
AVP QXAS US Operations

Harsh has almost a decade-long experience in public accounting, and at QXAS he brings to the table his extensive experience in various arenas of outsourcing such as bookkeeping, accounting and tax services. Additionally, he develops, implements and upgrades overall procedures and internal control systems in the operations department. He has also visited exhibitions and conferences in the US previously. When not found working, he can be found tweeting his views on Tax and accounting, connecting with like-minded peers from the industry and cooking for beautiful wife and son.