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The QXAS team heads to XeroCon San Diego 2019

The QXAS team heads to XeroCon San Diego 2019 this 18-19 June

Posted by  on 12 June, 2019   2 minute read

We have exciting news!

The QXAS team will be flying to the west coast next week to exhibit at the most momentous event of the season – XeroCon San Diego 2019. Spread across three days – 17, 18 and 19 June – the cloud-based accounting software Xero will play host to an innovative global conference for cloud accounting leaders in the Americas.

The event will be attended by a new wave of accountants, bookkeepers, and SaaS companies. Additionally, many industry leaders, including Xero CEO Steve Vamos, disruptive strategist Shawn Kanungo, and Stanford University lecturer Kelly McGonigal will lead speaking sessions focused on the future of accounting.

XeroCon San Diego indeed offers a fantastic platform to tech-savvy, future-minded professionals from across the Americas to get involved with the Xero community for a lifetime, and not just for three days.

After working with numerous tax & accounting firms, we at QXAS have realized their key challenges include improving efficiency, freeing up the time of senior staff to focus on business development, and increasing margins.

Since we cater to multiple Xero silver, gold, and platinum partners, we know our professional and reliable accounting services are the remedy to that problem. QXAS specializes in innovatively approaching back-office functions such as accounting, bookkeeping and tax return preparation services with an aim to manage the overflow workload of struggling accounting practices more efficiently.

And so, we are all the more thrilled to be exhibiting at XeroCon on June 18 and 19.  The QXAS team led by QX Ltd Executive Chairman Chris Robinson and US BD Head Laurence Whittam hope to share their insights into the many innovative ways of growing an accounting practice. Want to learn more? Meet the team at the event.

Do visit our XeroCon page on the website. For any queries, please write to us at or call 1-800-310-9312.