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The good, the better, the best - Year in review 2017

The good, the better, the best - Year in review 2017

Posted by  on 05 January, 2018   1 minute read

Twenty seventeen was our year – there, we said it! We are incredibly proud of our accomplishments in the year that has gone by as an outsourcing company working with CPAs and accountants in practice.

2017 was dedicated to helping our clients grow profitably and ensuring our team members thrived and stayed motivated throughout the year.

We at QXAS Inc sincerely believe the strength and success of a company lies with its employees. Guess, what? We welcomed 35 new members in our team – a number that has doubled our head count since 2016. Yes, we are growing very fast! 

On the training front, we did some substantial work developing new talent and providing refresher training to existing staff this year. 13 trainees underwent 8,023 hours training in 2017. Additionally, 10 staff members were promoted in their jobs.

We also redecorated one of our delivery centers in India over the Labor Day weekend. With QXAS Inc experiencing tremendous expansion, it was the right time to spruce up the office space and create an atmosphere of positivity, warmth and team work.

We are also branching out geographically, and now have a presence in Canada – yup – the cold but mighty Canada!

On the marketing front, we swapped our digital brand for a cooler one! We designed our website, updated the content and started a few new activities including our monthly newsletter The QXAS Inc Letter. Go here to subscribe to our newsletters. We promise we won’t spam you.

Our BD managers Laurence Whittam and Joe Minniti joined Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan on their hit podcast “Grow My Accounting Practice”, and that gave us a chance to explain how our project-based accounting support can help small practices scale profitably. It catapulted us into newer streams of recognition in the country, and that’s just fantastic!

Laurence is now a blogger at TheDailyCPA, and shares handy tips and tricks to help small accounting practitioners grow their practice. Do remember to visit the blog once a week for fresh updates. He also made his first trip to the west coast in October to attend QuickBooks Connect 2017 in San Jose. Boy, what fun he had!

Our resolution for 2018 is to continue to build QXAS Inc as the country’s go-to accounting services provider. We are ready to take on 2018, adapt and seize the new opportunities that our industry has to offer!

We’ll be back with more updates soon, but in the meantime, have our look at our 2017 Year in Review infographic and find out what else we got up to last year.