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The best of QXAS US blogs on accounting outsourcing in 2018

The best of QXAS US blogs on accounting outsourcing in 2018

Posted by  on 24 December, 2018   3 minute read

‘Tis that time of the year again, the holiday season is in full swing, and we hope you are having a fabulous time with your family and friends. We at QXAS US haven’t taken a break from work yet, but we are reflecting on the year that has whizzed by.

2018 was an excellent year for QXAS US. We added more accounting professionals and firms in our fast-growing list of clients who benefit from accounting outsourcing and helped them to grow profitably.

Our team has grown stronger since last year, and we are happy to be working with some of the best minds in the accounting outsourcing industry.

On the marketing front, we produced great content that helped our reader base of accountants and CPAs to not only understand the benefits of accounting outsourcing in India but also to navigate the path to succeed professionally through outsourcing.

So yes, if we were to sum up 2018 in one word, we would use “fantastic”!

Without further ado, here are top five blogs of QXAS US published in 2018:

#1 The ultimate cheat sheet for accounting firms to retain clients

Your accounting firm can’t successfully avail the benefits of accounting outsourcing if you don’t communicate clearly with your outsourcing partner. Similarly, tax season or not, an open communication strategy can help you with your clients immensely. Here's the ultimate cheat sheet for retaining your clients.

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#2 Must read: The real benefits of accounts outsourcing for CPAs

We know tax preparers and accounting firms have many clients to tend to which is why they can’t risk to deliver shoddy work or miss any deadlines. So, what can be done in such a scenario? Accounting outsourcing is one option. It helps in cost reduction, grants access to higher skilled processes and boosts business profitability by up to 50%.

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#3 Offshore bookkeeping – is this an option for you?

Instead of investing your resources in a low-margin and time-consuming function like bookkeeping, outsource it to qualified pros who will not only do it in a short period but also save you ample time and money. When 14% of SMBs are outsourcing bookkeeping, your CPA firm should give it a try too.

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#4 Four ways to become an enterprising CPA

While technology is just one aspect that defines a CPA’s success, how they tackle branded competition, diversify business offerings and market themselves are equally important. Scaling your accounting operations should forever be your goal, no matter who your target market is or how much experience you have. The bottom line is, you should be enterprising as a CPA.Read more

#5 Why everyone is outsourcing accounting work to India

An in-house study of QX suggests that 80% of accountants and bookkeepers outsourced to gain access to a large, tech-savvy talent pool that could turn around work in a short period, and to save overhead costs. So, when you ask why everyone is outsourcing accounting work to India, four primary reasons stand out.

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Wrapping up

Sold on accounting outsourcing? Want to give it a shot in 2019? We are here to help! Please reach out to us on 1-800-310-9312 or write to us at for a free, no-risk consultation.

Until then, have a great holiday and see you in 2019!