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Taking control of the tax season: four aspects of offshore accounting services not to miss

Taking control of the tax season: four aspects of offshore accounting services not to miss

Posted by  on 08 November, 2018   3 minute read

We understand it is a bit early to talk about the 2019 tax season, but you will agree it is always good to get a headstart on meeting critical deadlines. One of the keys to a less stressful tax season is ensuring that your CPA firm is well prepared, and doesn’t take a lot of pressure and unnecessary stress when January rolls around.

But how can you ensure that? By opting for offshore accounting services. That’s correct. Time after time we have shared the benefits of accounting outsourcing during the busy period, and well now is the time to do it all over again!

Imagine if someone could do all the hard work for you, without relying on your human resource or technology? Outsourcing will enable you to focus on high revenue generating functions like budgets, forecasts, and audits in your CPA firm.

To help you get a clearer perspective on offshore accounting services, let us discuss four aspects most crucial to the process:

1) People

One of the primary reasons why people outsource is to gain access to a large talent pool. A qualified offshore accounting services provider should be ever ready to start work, in any function, for your CPA firm. QXAS has a thorough recruitment process that involves:

  • Utilizing appropriate sourcing channels such as internal seeding, job portals, advertisements, referrals and consultants
  • Conducting an operations assessment to verify the candidate is qualified to take on accounting tasks and is fluent in English.
  • Establishing candidate expectations including responsibilities and expected salary
  • Doing a background and reference check before rolling out the offer letter.

Once the candidate is recruited, he or she undergoes software and process training so that no time is wasted to join a particular client of QXAS.

2) Process

A qualified offshore accounting services provider should have a set process for a smooth transition of information and tasks. During the tax season, our tax outsourcing services sell like hot cupcakes.

Since all the tax returns-related jobs are time-driven and require extreme precision, we offer a simple five-step process:

  • The client allows us to log in to their system using secure software remotely
  • We record the data and process the tax returns.
  • The client reviews the tax return for completeness and provides feedback
  • We implement the changes and notify when the tax return is ready for inspection
  • The client confirms. We then provide a final PDF report of the tax return.

3) Communication

With our delivery centers in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, and Baroda, you may think it is a tad difficult to have open lines of communication at all times. We disagree! QXAS works 24/7 and is always available for a quick chat should you have a query at any hour of the day.

There are four modes of communication followed by QXAS:

  • AVAYA telephony
  • Video conferencing
  • Email
  • Skype and mobile phone

Want to get a quick follow up from your extended QXAS team in India? You know how to reach them!

4) Security

A qualified offshore accounting services provider will never take data security lightly. After all, financial information is sensitive by nature. QXAS understands that the exchange of confidential information via emails or any other digital channel can be risky.

Since we are committed to ensuring the client data remains safe with us, we use a 256-bit SSL encrypted client portal. We provide this facility to our clients to allow them to share confidential accounting information with the QXAS US team. Learn more about our security measures.


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