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Six reasons why every CPA should outsource

Posted by  on 17 November, 2017   2 minute read

Work comes in peaks and flows – and sometimes there is just way too much work for a CPA to cope with; bookkeeping, payroll, accounting and processing tax returns consume lots of time and energy on a daily basis. So instead of focusing on making business growth plans, the CPA ends up doing menial and (frequently) lower revenue tasks.

However, there is a solution to this problem: outsourcing. An expert team of accountants can make a CPA’s workflow smoother and cost-effective by managing all routine tasks in-hand.

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing is straightforward and of course, tried and tested. Here are 6 reasons for why you should give it a shot:

  1. Strategize to grow the company

    Reassigning activities such as bookkeeping, statutory accounts, management accounts and taxation to an outsourcing firm lowers in-house costs by 40-50%. This helps you to focus on core competencies to expand your business.

  2. Prioritize on issues that really matter

    Outsourcing lets you tighten your focus on strategic priorities, improve efficiencies, enhance reporting, strengthen your governance capabilities, develop better management controls and introduce new opportunities for continuous improvement.

  3. Strengthen the workflow

    If you want to address the complexities of legislation that require you to increase the timeliness, accuracy, integrity and transparency of your financial reporting, then outsourcing routine jobs is a wise decision.

  4. Invest in tech and R&D

    Since outsourcing takes care of the simple but extensive tasks, you can easily allot resources to access leading-edge technology and best practices available – all to manage the finance and accounting functions effectively and efficiently.

  5. Time and space to innovate

    You can see that the business landscape is in a state of constant flux with new demands made by customers and investors every day. This needs you to evolve your strategies and introduce new products and services. Outsourcing your data-intensive, F&A functions gives you the time to do so.

  6. Say bye to staffing issues

    Recruiting and retaining staff is a major concern for most accounting firms. With outsourcing, you can be assured of all tasks being completed on time whether or not you have the manpower to do so. You may soon realize you don't need to replace the key worker who left after all.

    So when you would rather focus on core issues than worry about finishing routine tasks, why are you so skeptical about “outsourcing”?

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