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Part 2 – How to maximize your visibility through your LinkedIn account

Posted by  on 26 May, 2016   2 minute read

Last week, we told you the reasons why every CPA should have a LinkedIn account. But what do you do once you have created a profile? How do you maximize your professional credibility through your LinkedIn account?

LinkedIn is a professional social platform for professionals and businesses to connect and as an accountant, you can use your profile to maximize your visibility to get more clients.

Where do you start? First off, make a strong profile. LinkedIn gets millions of searches every month. What is important is that your profile shows up on the top when someone is searching for keywords which directly relate to you.

So if you are an Accountant specializing in Advisory, then you need to include that. If your profile is incomplete, the search engine will not fully integrate your data and for this reason, it is vital you create a strong profile.

There are a few key tips that will help your LinkedIn profile maximize your visibility online:

1. Strong LinkedIn profile

  • Post a professional profile photo.
  • Choose your keywords carefully and include the words that people in your industry will search for.
  • As an accountant, you will have worked on many projects. Compile a list of all the clients that you have worked for. The bigger the list, the stronger and higher will be your rankings.
  • If you are an active member on Twitter, add your Twitter handle to the profile.
  • Ask your clients and colleagues for recommendations. This will highlight your skills and strengths.

2. Build your contacts

You can connect with your clients and other accounting professionals. To do this, you can use the LinkedIn search feature to find people, groups, accounting bodies and more.

By connecting with professionals, you will be up-to-date with what is happening in your industry. You will also see various conversations on groups where people ask for recommendations for good accountants and you can contact them directly through your LinkedIn mail.

3. Find and join relevant groups

There are thousands of groups that you can choose from and as a CPA you can search for groups that provide news for accountants. Involve yourself in discussions as this will not only raise your ranking but also help you get you noticed.

Following these steps will definitely increase your LinkedIn ranking. These are the tips that every CPA should consider once they create your LinkedIn profile. If you missed our article on the reasons for why you should have a LinkedIn account, here is Part 1.