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Part 1 - Reasons why every CPA should have a LinkedIn profile

Posted by  on 19 May, 2016   2 minute read

In the past decade, having a LinkedIn profile has become an essential personal branding tool. If you are presenting yourself to the job market, it is crucial to maximise your marketability. But a LinkedIn profile is much more than just on online CV and for a CPA to promote their skills and experience, it is a good idea to have a LinkedIn profile.

Latest figures show there are over 347 million members across 200 countries on LinkedIn, making it the world’s biggest professional network. Businesses and customers in need of an accountant go through social profiles before making a decision.

1. Branding

Your LinkedIn profile is the place where you can flaunt your accomplishments.  You are what you say about yourself and having a profile on this professional networking site gives you an opportunity to display your strength and capabilities. You can also add videos and images under the Summary and Experience fields.  

2. Efficient way to network

Being an accountant does not leave you with much spare time to get out and about and the prospect of building or maintaining your network can seem daunting. However as a CPA, you meet a lot of clients and the best way to stay in touch with all of them is through LinkedIn. You can organise your contacts into groups and can stay connected even after you finish working with a particular client. 

3. Stay up-to-date

Having a LinkedIn profile will help you stay on top of all the events and happenings in your industry. You can follow industry leaders and influencers and get information straight from the horse’s mouth. You can also glide through the updates posted by your connections simply by logging in to your profile. 

4. Show up at the top of Google searches

LinkedIn profiles rank high on the Google search engine. This means when someone looks for you, your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that show up. So if your profile is not updated, you must do it today to leave the best impression.

LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a trend for accountants to endorse their talent. Extend your online presence today and focus on your passion of working as an accountant.

Now that we have told you the reasons for why a CPA should have a LinkedIn profile, we will share tips on maximizing your professional credibility through your LinkedIn account in the next article.

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