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Offshore bookkeeping – is this an option for you?

Offshore bookkeeping – is this an option for you?

Posted by  on 18 May, 2018   3 minute read


Just because you run an accounting practice doesn’t mean you and your team should be handling everything. An excellent way to go about things is to delegate tasks to experts. For instance, bookkeeping is a time consuming, low margin job. Instead of investing your resources in it, outsource your bookkeeping to qualified pros who will not only do it in a short period but also save you ample time and money.

When 14% of SMBs are into outsourced bookkeeping, why can’t you give it a try? Here are five situations when outsourcing bookkeeping services are ideal for your accounting practice:

1) When you have a staff shortage

Tax season is brutal. It is that time of the year when accountants are busy preparing and filing taxes for their clients. Things get even worse if you don’t have the right headcount in place to finish work and meet deadlines on time.

Therefore, outsourcing gives a big window of opportunity for you to pass on the tax preparation and bookkeeping jobs to eliminate staff shortage woes and instead focus on generating more revenue streams with the help of your current employees.

Moreover, there is a rampant employee retention problem with the accounting industry losing the best talent pool of accountants and bookkeepers to corporate jobs post training. Outsourcing efficiently alleviates the strain on practice staff. What do you think?

2) When you want growth, not a more prominent team

Business growth doesn’t necessarily mean big teams and operations on a massive scale. It could also mean your desire of expanding revenue streams without having to increase the headcount. One of the benefits of offshore bookkeeping services is your most time-consuming tasks are taken care of, and you have the liberty to take on more business without stretching your staff and putting a strain on financial resources.

3) When you don’t want any tax compliance worries

By partnering with an expert outsourcing partner, you don’t need to worry about falling out of tax compliance. The extended team not only consists of trained employees but they also stay updated with the latest tax legislation and regulations. That means more constructive work and less stress for you.

You don’t need to worry about the IRS knocking on your door and instead, focus on those tasks that bring in more business and boost your revenue.

4) When you want to offer profitable functions

More people means you need to manage them which means you have lesser time to actually focus on business growth. Your bookkeeping outsourcing partner will take care of intensive and mundane jobs for you while your staff can utilize their free time to be more proactive and to service their clients.

They can provide high-profit margin functions such as business advisory, tax planning, investments, wealth planning, and virtual CFO. Passing on these activities will help you creates time to focus on operations, business development & marketing. Sounds like a plan, isn’t it?

5) When you want to keep up with technological changes

If your accounting practice is relatively small, it is a struggle to stay updated with technological advancements. A bookkeeping outsourcing partner can not only help you deploy cloud-based systems for your business but also provide access to staff with a more hands-on experience in various technologies and software. This way, your CPA firm will never experience technological stagnation.

Over to you

Outsourcing proactively addresses talent and retention issues. You don’t need to go around searching for a full-time staff and technological support when you can get all the help you need without wasting much time. What are your thoughts about offshore bookkeeping?