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In-house accountant vs. outsourced accountant - who's better?

[Infographic] In-house accountant vs. outsourced accountant - who's better?

Posted by  on 13 February, 2019   2 minute read

Despite the increasing openness towards accounting outsourcing, there are still many CPA firms that aren’t convinced to outsource. From data security to the quality of work - questions are raised on many topics.

But what concerns CPA firms is the outsourced accountant that will work with their in-house practice staff. Trust us - it is a treat to opt for accounting outsourcing in India.

For instance: during the tax season, tax outsourcing for accountants comes in handy as any-house practice staff doesn’t have to get drowned in complicated paperwork. Outsourced accountants can manage that.

If you are wondering how accounting outsourcing in India can make a difference to your CPA firm, you might want to check out the infographic comparing in-house and outsourced staff.