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Five time-saving tips for accountants

Five time-saving tips for accountants

Posted by  on 10 August, 2017   3 minute read

Time is a precious gift in every profession. If your job revolves around rushing to meetings, traveling to see your clients and meeting tight deadlines, then you must extend your hand and take every help possible to make your work life a tad easier.

If the end goal of your business is to scale your operations and to drive revenues, then you have to carve out time for more innovative tasks; and frankly speaking, it is not possible unless you let go off a few time-consuming jobs.

Hear us out – if you are currently going through a phase where your days are unmanageable, it is best to take a step back and list down all those activities that are hampering your workflow. Here are top five:

  1. Assign accounts and bookkeeping jobs

    Keeping accounts and books of the clients up-to-date is a rather frustrating activity. But since “a job is a job”, it is better for accounting firms to get external help with these tasks. As a CPA, wouldn’t you be happy to hand over all the paperwork whose job is just to manage these activities? Of course!

    There are many providers of accountancy services who manage the AP and AR function, prepare financial statements and maintain books for accounting firms and CPAs. Why don’t you let them reduce your stress?

  2. Delegate tax preparation and filing

    There’s nothing better than eliminating the boring data entry and file organization activities associated with taxation! CPAs can utilize their time so much better if they don’t have to look into such jobs at all! If you really want to save time and create a more hassle-free process of finishing tasks, please take external help. This way, all your in-house staff will have to do is review, train and consult to strengthen your firm’s core competencies.

  3. Bring digital marketers to your team

    Marketing has become a crucial part of any business. It forms the core of growth strategies. So if you haven’t invested much time in this, then you must start now. From creating and maintaining a website to managing social media communication – there are many activities that form a part of digital marketing, and you must put in all your efforts to get maximum results.

    Unless you are a large accounting corporation such as PwC, there’s no point in keeping a full-time staff for marketing. That is why, it is advisable to outsource it. Marketing will help you build a credible reputation. This investment will be worth it!

  4. Get personal assistance

    Why not? We live in an age where we can actually pay a qualified person – sitting miles away from us – to be our personal assistant just like an office receptionist. Make the most of this option. Let him or her schedule and re-schedule your meetings and do other menial tasks for you.

    You can even take help from personal assistant apps such as Hound, 24me, Assistant.i, and more. Hey, don’t be surprised. We live in a digital age!

  5. Pass on design-related activities to experts

    Apart from curating fresh content for the website and social media, it is also important to make sure your messaging looks good. Design plays a critical role in building brand reputation. And if your business is growing at a rapid pace, then having a proper design scheme in place will certainly help.

Wrapping up

The struggle of running an accounting firm is real. You have to consistently find ways to make your staff and your jobs easier. Stay updated about the industry to stay at the top of the game. But also don’t forget to take external help every now and then.