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CPAs, too busy to be organised

CPAs, too busy to be organised?

Posted by  on 04 February, 2016   5 minute read

How often does someone try to get in touch with you but on most occasions have been unsuccessful in the first few attempts? I imagine they are wondering how a self-employed professional can be so busy. Honestly, we know CPAs are busy but the more appropriate question could be “are they busy or are they too busy to be organized?”

You must be running around with a huge to do list and feeling productive. But are you being productive or are you just being busy? Far too many CPAs spend their time doing the non-lucrative tasks that takes up most of their time and hence fail to generate revenue.

Working in a competitive market with CPAs available on every street, it is important that you stop ‘being busy’ and make yourself some time to decide if you want to put in all those hours doing clerical work or would you be better off utilizing the time to organize yourself and develop a strategy to expand your business and engage with your clients.

Be an accountant who can make change happen. Here are a few simple steps that can help you bring a great deal of change:

  • Do not put in your time doing tasks that others can do.
  • Stop focusing so much on time; productivity is not about working more hours but getting more work done in the hours you work.
  • Have a process in place for your clients and encourage them to follow that. Advise them not to drop in just a week before the tax deadline.
  • Embrace technology and keep on top with the latest updates.
  • Always ensure you are concentrating on the outcome and not on the process. In order for a process to be useful, outcome assessment is necessary.

For a CPA to generate revenue it is must for them not to be engaged only in non-core activities. There will be important things they are missing and with the current market being so volatile, one of the things we know is that it is difficult to keep up with the regulations. Take your eye off the ball there and you and your clients could be ‘in a whole heap of woe’. So how can you find that time to be busy where it matters? According to a survey conducted by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) over 70% of the top 100 accounting firms in the US use outsource accounting to improve their bottom line results.

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