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Bookkeeping in the cloud: things to know

Bookkeeping in the cloud: things to know

Posted by  on 22 January, 2019   3 minute read

According to a 2016 Wells Fargo survey, cheques are still widely used by at least 90% of small businesses in the US, and only 30% of small to midsize companies make payments via a mobile POS, such as PayPal.

However, times are changing now, and if you work with any bookkeeping outsourcing company, they’ll vouch for the cloud.

A FloQast study states that accounting professionals see benefits from the cloud, with 89% of them integrating applications for data entry automation. 74% of them believe less paper is much easier to manage now.

It is accurate bookkeeping in the cloud has enabled the accounting industry to function even more efficiently. As of 2019, the shift is happening at a much faster rate. We have proof. Check out the infographic shared below:

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