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Koshy george CPA

Outsourcing is absolutely good option for any small business CPA: Koshy George, CPA.

Posted by  on 19 July, 2019   6 minute read

Since 2009, KPGCPA Financial Services Inc. has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses. The Entity is championed by Koshy P.George, CPA Founder and CEO.

Koshy George chose to partner with QX in 2018, and since then he hasn’t looked back. So, when he visited the QXAS office in Ahmedabad, India recently we sat down to pick his brain on why he chose to outsource, how he manages his team in India, and how outsourcing his work helped him put his process in place and focus on more his core business  

Here’s what we quizzed him on. 

Koshy, can you please elaborate on your practice and what all services you offer?

My name is Koshy George I am a CPA and my practice is based out of san Joe, California. MY practice is not just restricted to 25 square miles of where I work, or live out of. It’s practically global because of the might internet or secure cloud.

So we undertake, individual tax reason, small business for accounting payroll rekindle services business advisory services in terms of guidance with starting a company in US, and how to go about even setting up an accounting office for small businesses. We see that increasingly there is a need for business advisory services that’s another part we do. Then we also provide guidance on wealth management areas that are needed by individual or small businesses. We are also going to take nonprofit tax returns in accounting work.

With so much skepticism on outsourcing, why did you chose to partner with QXAS US? Do you think you made a right decision?

Outsourcing is absolutely good option for any small business CPA or even a medium sized CPA firm. Because outsourcing means you are not behind your desk taking care of all the work on your own but that you have a reliable source company out there who is tied to your hips that’s the way I see QX, as a business who is watching my back while I go out and bid for more work and the confidence I get to do that comes from the fact that I have QX taking care of all nitty-gritty and the minutiae of the details, which I sued to do rolling up my sleeves and working way too hard, and If I am working way too hard that means there is something wrong and there is no opportunity cost I am leaving money on the table. I do not want to do that, so outsourcing is the absolute way to go

CPAs and firms are reluctant to outsource to India due to lack of qualitative work and TAT, how has your experience with QXAS workforce been?

The remarkable degree of the professionalism that QX employees possess, I think takes a lot of burden off a CPA’s mind. And this is purely from experience that I had with QX in the last few years. They surprise me in the work that they do, because they just don’t do what you tell them to do, they are your eyes and ears in the sense that they are an extension, they tell you, ‘hey couldn’t this be even done in this other way?’ so it kinds of opens up the ‘Oh yeah this could have been’ because none of us know everything and knowing the fact that there is more than just you, who think only for yourself or your firm, is a wonderful feeling to know.

Would you recommend QXAS and why?

I absolutely think every small CPA firm, medium sized CPA firm and should outsource because, If you have employees sometimes they will hijack you, in the sense they will not turn up and then you can’t meet your client’s expectations, you may have already set of expectations but for some reasons the staff did not come.

But rain or snow if you have QX by your side you are bound to be able to keep your client commitment and that’s so important.Because we are in the service industry and we don’t want to jeopardize our relationship with client. We want to build relationships to get more quality work and that can only happen if your client feels that you are a reliable CPA.

Well, to cut a long story short, QX makes a CPA look good.