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How QXAS tackles burnout in accounting?

How QXAS tackles burnout in accounting?

Posted by  on 25 July, 2019   5 minute read

Burnout is everywhere. Student, parents, corporate workers – nearly everyone seems to have suffered from it. Accountants are no exceptions either.

In fact, they could be more at risk than the others. Accountants are the fourth most burnout-affected professionals due to their low job satisfaction, following marketing, legal and hospitality professionals. According to an ICAEW CV-Library survey of 1,200 professionals :

  1. The main cause for their discontent was the lack of development opportunities available to them (41.7%), unfulfillment at their current work (29.2%) and the dislike of people they work with (12.5%).
  2. The others were fatigue (46.8%), boredom (44.7%), anger (40.4%) and sadness (36.2%).

It’s true that Accountants have the most sedentary life-style. The work requires immense focus and accuracy. The tedious accounting work keeps them gazing at their screens; glued to their seats for extensive hours.

As an accounting outsourcing company, that’s what bothers us the most – the desk-bound masses.

Even though we cannot take away the work-load, we try our best to live up to our employee’s expectations. We make sure to offer empathetic work environment, open-door policies and a day filled with exciting and challenging work and paid vacations. We try to provide them a healthy workspace environment; and colleagues, who turn into confidants; it becomes one small family that has each other’s backs no matter what.

Being an accounting outsourcing firm, our calendars are packed. The constant pouring in of work can lead to fatigue. So, we decided it was our turn to reward our team and thank them for their continuous contribution to organization success. Hence, we took them to - The Paradise of Beaches and Churches- GGGOOOOAAAAA!!


Oh boy, the fun they had.

You can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

 “Usually when you are in the office, you are on your desk doing your daily activities. You don’t get a lot of time to know your team mates or colleagues that much ,” said Noel Hodges, Business Development Manager at QXAS.

 “However, the trip helped us in bridging the gap, not only do we find ourselves comfortable in one another’s company, we now also know that our Sr. level executives are easily approachable, because of how comfortable they made us feel.”

AS team

See those happy faces!! It’s when hard work pays off!!

On the other hand, Harsh Shukla, the Assistant Vice President of QXAS operations, had a different story to tell about his Goa trip. Being quite new to the company, this trip was no less than an icebreaker for him.

“The team strength is of more than 60 and this work trip helps me and other new joiners to bond with the team, since many of the faces are new for us. Also, we got to know the work ethics and culture of the company too.”

According to Deloitte, Millennials and Gen Z, in general, will patronize and support companies that align with their values; many say they will not hesitate to lessen or end a relationship when they disagree with a company’s business practices, values, or political leanings.

Prerit Harry, a millennial and the Client Relationship Manager at QXAS agrees.

“When we get something rewarding, we are more motivated to work and it really is beneficial for a long term. Trips like these affects the productivity of the employee in every way and the office feels like home”

Indeed it does. The 2019 Goa trip was about building relations, knowing each other and most importantly having fun. Not to miss the lip-smacking food that just the cherry on the cake of this trip.

Most of us spend 8-10 hours at workplace. Hence, if we cannot make it better for each other we will have always struggle with capacity and skilled-workforce. The fun-filled Goa trip bridged the gap between peers and management, changed many perceptions and tightened the bond between the team.

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