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5 things CPAs should do to make the most of the quiet summer months

5 things CPAs should do to make the most of the quiet summer months

Posted by  on 14 August, 2017   3 minute read

Don’t you just love the summers? It is during these months that almost everyone takes a break and goes on a much-needed holiday. Isn’t your inbox filled with “out of office” messages? We are sure it is! What’s inevitable is that business goes unbearably. What are you supposed to do then?

In our opinion, you can do a lot. Even before you realize, you would be heading to fall. So let us not waste time. Here are our suggestions on growing your business and driving revenues even when everyone else is busy taking a snooze:

  1. Plan the work flow

    It’s never too early to start afresh! Put down all your tasks with less profitable work so that during the busy season, you can focus on high-priority activities. It’s all about planning right!

  2. Upgrade to more efficient technology

    Progressive accounting firms are always on the look-out for new and innovative technology and even your clients want you to help them, be hands-on with technology. Assess the status of your current system and determine the benefits of moving up to another level before the busy season begins.

    Never compromise on technology. Keep on upgrading it so that when you actually need tech support, you are sorted and raring to go.

  3. Interact with your clients

    Don’t be that CPA who meets his client just once in a year. Follow up with your clients even after the tax season. In fact, these quite summer months are the right time to get a conversation going. Get client feedback on the quality of service they have received so far and utilize the information you receive to improve your services.

  4. Review your business plan

    Most firms maintain a list of things that they will be doing in the coming year to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Review your previous year’s action plan. Check if you have achieved your goals for the year and things that you could not get to.

    This will give you an idea about how you want to set your New Year plans. Always remember – you are only going to get busier from here, so make the most of this time.

  5. Make the most of social media

    During busy periods, using social media is usually not the priority for businesses. But with everyone becoming socially active, it has become vitally important for you to have your presence on social platforms. Guess what? Now is the best time to invest in social media! Check what networks your audience is on and communicate with them. Even if they are enjoying their summer holidays, it is during this time that they will most active on social media. Bank on that!

    Over to you

    Make the most of this time to expand your knowledge and brush up on skills. Get your engine revved up and prepare to throw yourself in a pile of work when these lazy, easy-breezy months come to an end. This will make you more valuable to your clients. Good luck!