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Sarah Elliot

Making things happen- Women in Accounting

Co-Founder & Principal
Intend2Lead LLC

Sarah Elliot is one of the “Most powerful women in accounting” 2019. She believes the future of the accounting profession depends on our capacity to love. Yes, she is very passionate to help organizations create a true coaching culture through customized leadership development programming
In This Podcast we asked Sarah about her journey, learnings and how can firm bridge the ‘millennial’ gap and grow their practice.

Jacquelyn. H Tracy

Diversity At Workplace

Partner, Mandel & Tracy, LLC

We asked Jacquelyn of the importance of diversity at workplace. She points out the importance of diversity and why is it crucial to have one, especially with growing numbers of millennial at workplace.

Samantha Mansfield

Leveraging Digital Media to grow Your Accounting Practice

She has been in the tax and accounting technology industry since 2000 and during that time, she has consulted with firms of all sizes and spoken on workflow and web services implementations. Samantha is your go-to person for making your business tech-pro and scale your firm. In this Podcast we asked Samantha, of her journey in accounting, leveraging social media to grow business and making firms tech-equipped.

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