Don’t let the Tax
Season stress you out.

Turnaround tax returns in 24-48 hours
Manage higher volume of work, without hiring staff
Boost your business profitability by up to 50%

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QXAS Inc’s guide to surviving the upcoming tax season, profitably!
Individual tax outsourcing for CPAs
Our staff is experienced in taxation in all 52 states with excellent knowledge and understanding of tax documentation and software such as ProSeries, Lacerte, Drake, UltraTax, ATax, ProConnect and more. We are giving a Free Trial and a 20% discount* off your final tax season invoice – take advantage of the offer NOW!
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*Simply outsource 100 tax returns before 15th April to us.
Simple pricing options for you
Pricing is based upon the number of income streams each tax return has. Here are five options on offer.
  Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Charges for tax preparation $ 25 $ 49 $ 75 $ 99 $ 149
+ Additional charge* $ 9 $ 9 $ 9 $ 9 $ 9
+ State tax return $ 9 $ 9 $ 9 $ 9 $ 9
Level 0
Charges for tax preparation $ 25
+ Additional charge* $ 9
+ State tax return $ 9
Level 1
Charges for tax preparation $ 49
+ Additional charge* $ 9
+ State tax return $ 9
Level 2
Charges for tax preparation $ 75
+ Additional charge* $ 9
+ State tax return $ 9
Level 3
Charges for tax preparation $ 99
+ Additional charge* $ 9
+ State tax return $ 9
Level 4
Charges for tax preparation $ 149
+ Additional charge* $ 9
+ State tax return $ 9

*Additional charge may be involved if we need to enter prior year details or first year return.

How it works
Using our tax outsourcing services is easy. Check out our simple five step process.
1You allows us to remotely login to your system using secure software
2We record the data and process the tax returns
3You review the tax return for completeness, and provide feedback
4We implement the changes, and notify when the tax return is ready for inspection
5You confirm. We provide a final pdf report of tax return

QXAS Inc key service features
Primary documentation never leaves your premises
We can undertake scanning for you in our US office
We can file tax returns to IRS on behalf of your client.
We can process tax returns on our software, if you don’t have one in-house
The best-quality services.
The happiest clients.
CPA, Bergen County NJ
“QXAS Inc helped me get out of a pickle this tax season. I didn’t have time to train a new employee and QXAS Inc stepped in and surprised me with their knowledge of ProSystem Fx. Great quality service!”
CPA, Long Island NY
“I used QXAS for a 40 hour clean-up project. They completed it within the week, provided me precise feedback, brought up any queries which in the end helped me take on this client while meeting my other deadlines.”
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Benefits of working with QXAS Inc
Access qualified accountants
Enjoy faster turnaround time
Relieve tax season stress

Breeze through deadlines
Increase net profit by up to 50%
Ensure better work-life balance