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Secure client portal

We understand that exchange of sensitive information via emails or any other digital channel can be risky. Since QXAS US is committed to ensuring your client data remains safe with us, we use a 256-bit SSL encrypted client portal. We provide this facility to our clients to allow them to share confidential accounting information with the QXAS US team.
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Key features of the portal
QXAS Inc feature quick and easy to use
Quick and easy to use
QXAS Inc feature fast and secure document exchange
Fast and secure document exchange
QXAS Inc feature no software installations
No software installations
QXAS Inc using SSL encryption
No risk – we use bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption
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Additional security measures
QXAS Inc IT infrastructure
IT infrastructure
Secure client login
Firewall defenses
Anti-virus or spam or spyware manager
Daily server backup
Continuously monitored web-access
Background check of employees
Dedicated IT team
QXAS Inc providing Data confidentiality
Data confidentiality
Employees sign an NDA as part of the hiring process
Limited internet access (unless there’s a process requirement)
Continuously monitored web-access
Disabled USB ports
QXAS Inc providing multiple physical security
Physical security
Biometric systems
Closed-circuit television cameras
Clear desk policies
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