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Migration process

Since an accounting firm manages sensitive data of multiple clients, it asks for an effective transition methodology to ensure its business processes are transferred with minimal disruption. QXAS US has designed a step-by-step framework to ensure just that. QXAS US takes pride in providing trouble-free implementation facility and complete project management assistance.
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Phase 1 - Project evaluation
QXAS US transition team works with you to gain an understanding of the nature and volume of your accounting firm and business processes.
  • Build step-by-step migration roadmap
  • Assess and mitigate risk
  • Develop detailed plans for staffing, technology, infrastructure and monitoring & reporting

Phase 2 - Agree Target Operating Model (TOM)
Working in conjunction with your accountancy practice, the data gathered during the evaluation stage is used to determine an appropriate Day 1 operating model.

Phase 3 - Integration plan
  • Evaluation process and TOM are fully documented and mutually agreed upon
  • Plans are executed such as assigning staff, installing appropriate technology, preparing training materials, training new recruits, etc.

Phase 4 - Transfer and transition
This is perhaps the most important step in the transition process. It involves the following:
  • Moving to operational running in “pilot” mode
  • Initiating process monitoring and dashboards
  • Ongoing communication with stakeholders
Phase 5 - Transformation
Once the transition has taken place, it is important to evaluate the process on a continuous basis. QXAS US ensures that
  • Monthly or weekly meetings take place with the clients
  • Performance is reported
  • SLA metrics are tracked
  • Improvement plans are created and executed on-the-go

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