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What we do
We offer flexible and cost-effective bookkeeping and tax support to Chartered Accountants, and small to midsize accounting firms to help them make more time for expanding their business.
  1. Assembly of accounts tagged and produced from incomplete records
  2. Processing of bank transactions and all the expenses
  3. Investment and bank write-ups
  4. Expense analysis
  5. Reconciliation of business bank and business credit card accounts
  6. Sales ledger control account
  7. Purchase ledger control account
  1. Tax return filings (T1, TINR, T1-ADJ) for individuals
  2. Assembly of final tax returns after completion of review to be submitted to CRA through e-filing or paper filing
  3. Analyzing notices received from CRA or other authorities
  4. Collation and preparation of cover letter to be sent to the client, addressing all major adjustments done in the tax return.
  5. Preparation of expat tax returns
  6. Preparation for forms T1135, T1161 and T1243

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What they’re saying
Our firm has been working with the QX team for over one year and I can say that we are very pleased. From our meetings with their leadership team in the early days, to current meetings and day to day with key team members, we have found them to be very likeable, and professional, helpful, and genuinely caring people. Working with QX has been such a great business decision.
- Debra Dowdell, CEO, Trowbridge