Team QXAS Inc

Our management team is the backbone of QXAS Inc and comprises highly skilled, tech-savvy professionals who bring years of accounting and client servicing experience on the business front.
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Chris Robinson
Executive Chairman
He is an ICAEW-qualified ex-KPMG Chartered Accountant by profession, and Executive Chairman of the QX group of companies. With over 30 years of business and accounting experience, he brings valuable insight into the steps and processes that are established at QXAS Inc so that all clients receive the accounting support they need to grow profitably. He is the driving force behind QXAS Inc.

Hardik Shah

Hardik initiated the expansion of the Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company QX Ltd into the US in 2014. Within 4 years, he has grown a team of 70+ accountants who work with over 150 CPA firms in the US. He leads his team helping with outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and planning and audit assistance services. With an experience in US accounting spanning two decades, Hardik also heads the QX Accountants Training Academy which keeps all staff updated with the latest changes on US GAAP, FASB accounting standards and US tax code.

Laurence Whittam
Business Development Manager
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Laurence joined QXAS Inc in 2014. After graduating from Ramapo College with a BS in Business Management, he worked in various sales positions leading teams of as many as 25 people. Laurence has played a vital role in growing QXAS to a team of over 50 accountants working with over 100+ CPA & Accounting firms in the US. He's an experienced traveler who has worked in 8 countries with the most extensive work being completed in India and the US.

Four outcomes we deliver to our clients
QXAS Inc promised manage staff shortage
Managed staff shortages
QXAS Inc promised to clients increase monetary savings
Increased profitability
QXAS Inc improving operational excellence
Improved operational excellence
QXAS Inc savings business hours
Release time to focus on business growth
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