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Our story

QXAS US is the wholly owned subsidiary of QX Holdings Limited and the American division of QX Accounting Services Ltd (QXAS Ltd), and was conceived to fulfill one simple mission –
to help accounting firms focus on their core competencies, and to make their practices more profitable.
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Since QXAS US's inception in 2013, we have been providing accounting, tax returns, bookkeeping, and payroll services to a growing number of CPAs, EAs and accountants across the USA. We are proud of our steadfast infrastructure, top-notch software and well-trained staff members. Our VP is a highly experienced CPA from Colorado.
We operate at the top of our game; the global, standard-setting organization IAOP recognized our parent company QX Limited as one of the top 100 firms in the 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. This feat is a testament to the fact we are working to our fullest potential to help businesses innovate, grow and to enhance their customer experiences.
So, if you are looking to expand your practice and get ahead of the competition, we can help you!
Four outcomes we deliver to our clients
QXAS US promised manage staff shortage
Managed staff shortages
QXAS US promised to clients increase monetary savings
Increased profitability
QXAS US improving operational excellence
Improved operational excellence
QXAS US savings business hours
Release time to focus on business growth
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10 reasons to choose QXAS US
Reason to choose professional QXAS US
We are thorough professionals
It takes more than a software to get your accounts done. With QXAS US, you get qualified accountants to work for you.
QXAS US have bank level security
We have bank-level security
We use 256-bit encryption for the transfer and storage of data. There has been no breach to date, and we are mighty proud of that!
QXAS US offers a streamlined communication
We offer a streamlined communication
Whether it's phone, emails or Skype – we make it easy for you to stay in touch with your QXAS US accountants.
QXAS US have a reliable IT infrastructure
We have a reliable IT infrastructure
Our IT division is always dependable, with a best-in-class uptime of 99.97% since 2003.
QXAS US specialist in Accounting, bookkeeping,tax and payroll services
We are specialists you can turn to
Our specialist focus on accounts, bookkeeping, tax and payroll makes your processes faster and more efficient. Plus, it also cost-effective.
QXAS US won IOAP Best outsourcing service providers award
We have won many awards
QX Ltd has been included on the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100® list which recognizes the world’s best outsourcing service providers in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017.
QXAS US offering flexible engagement models
We offer flexible engagement models
Never resort to costly hiring. Scale teams up or down as per the demand of your practice. Buffer staff available throughout the year.
QXAS US promising excellent accounting services
We guarantee you excellent services
Definite timescales. No delays. We work according to pre-defined SLAs and budgets from day one. Because that’s how it should be, and that’s how we do it.
QXAS US providing effortless tax-time support
We provide effortless tax-time support
Breeze through the tax season. Our tax experts will work with you to ensure tax returns are ready to file by the deadline.
QXAS US providing perfect solution you can visit in our New Jersey office
We are all ears, ready to help
We have an office in New Jersey. If you want to talk business, just drop in for a quick cup of coffee. We will find you the perfect solution for your practice.
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