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Business continuity plan

In the event of a disaster or an emergency such as inclement weather, power cuts or fire at the operations center in India, QXAS Inc has the technical ability to switch processing to its designated site in the US or to the second office in Vadodara, India to avoid any significant disruptions in the business operations.
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All sites contain telecommunications facility, secure computer installations and necessary office equipment. QXAS Inc internal security controls are assured, i.e. the data held by QX servers are completely secure and our processes are bound by policies and procedures.
Fully accounting trained staff
Staff absence
Our policies also cover areas of consideration such as the absence of any key personnel. It is a company requirement for someone to always be present within the management structure to cover absences at a senior and managerial level.
When covering long-term planned absence, the staff is recruited externally to cover the accounting personnel. Where there is a necessity to cover short-term absence, we have the ability to transfer fully-trained staff from other accounting projects.
skilled and experienced team
Contingency plan
For operational continuity, a full-time recruitment team is dedicated to search for skilled and experienced personnel. There are approximately 40,000+ individuals graduating every year in Ahmedabad where our delivery centers are located.
We have tie-ups with recruitment consultants across the country including metropolitan cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai to ensure availability of a wide pool of talented candidates.

Our services
From managing books to filing taxes - we help CPAs & accounting businesses in a variety of jobs.
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Top downloads
Top downloads
Now avail industry-related case studies, eBooks, brochures and checklists under the same roof.
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Information security
Information security
QXAS US always follows the best practice frameworks to ensure your client data is safe & secure.
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Engagement models
Since we cater to a range of clients, we follow three types of engagement models.
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