Accounting & bookkeeping

Get rid of those low-margin and time-consuming activities; and make time to focus on practice areas that are more profitable.
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QXAS Inc delivers Accounts and bookeeping services to CPAs

Why get accounting support?

In our experience, CPAs find the process of keeping accounts and books up to date rather frustrating. These are low-margin and time-consuming activities and if given a chance, CPAs would be more than happy to let go of all the paperwork.

That’s where QXAS Inc enters the picture.

We give you the support you need to focus on more profitable practice areas such as providing tax support and consulting and acquiring new clients. Our services include but are not restricted to handling day-to-day transactions, managing AP & AR and preparing financial statements, bank reconciliation statements and credit card statements.

All you have to do is send us your client bookkeeping data either digitally or via post - whatever’s appropriate - and we take care of the rest.

To ensure that we get along fine, we appoint a staff member who is responsible for the coordination of accounts production with you.

Scope of work
  • Accounts tagged and produced from incomplete records
  • 1099 forms
  • Draft accounts for review
  • Final accounts for signature
  • Full sets of accounts and tax computation
  • Accounts ready for a partner-level review
What you must provide
  • A completed QXAS Inc accounting checklist
  • Copy of last year's or current year’s working papers
  • Accounting and bookkeeping software backup
  • Your instructions and assumptions regarding the job
  • Weekly or monthly job progress reports
  • Financial reports and analysis
  • General ledger
  • Trial balance
  • P & L account
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Excel working papers with indices, hyperlinks, lead schedules and control accounts

QXAS Inc using QuickBook software
QXAS Inc using DrakeCWU software
QXAS Inc using XERO software for accounting

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