Time Management Strategies for Accountants

5 Time Management Strategies for Accountants

Posted by  on 03 April, 2015  5 minute read

Nearly all of us feel there are not enough hours in the day, but are you making the most out of the hours you have? Here are a few strategies you can use to increase productivity in the workplace with better time management.

Do difficult jobs first – Whether it is delivering some bad news over the phone or chasing down individuals for payments. When this work is complete you should feel more optimistic for the rest of the day and won’t find yourself pushing the jobs further back.

Delegate – This is a task many people find difficult. It is hard not to have involvement with everything but it is very important to know when to let go if you want to get more done. List out the tasks you and only you can do and then list out what an assistant, associate or intern could do. They are likely to be able to put more time and their full attention into this task in comparison to you rushing the task.

Shorten call times – Is your time spent on a call really worth it? Many times you will find yourself on a call which lasts much longer than it needs to.  Make sure the time you are spending is worth investing in the call. Track your call time with a timer or stopwatch to help reduce wasted phone time.

Change of scenery – Take your break out of the office; it will help clear your mind and re-energize you. Who knows, you may even develop potential clients, especially if you run into someone on a regular occurrence.

Plan the day before – I already know you are organized and will likely start your day creating a plan for the day to stay on track and be productive.  But how many things do you forget you needed to do that came up the day before?  Try planning at the end of the business day for the next day and instead of having to brainstorm every morning before you have woken up fully, you will have a far better chance of pulling together all those outstanding tasks.

As accountants your day can never be planned perfectly. You are always going to have clients calling and complications arising with deadlines just around the corner. Implementing a few of these techniques will hopefully give you that little extra time you wanted each day without having to stay in the office late.